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Well, hello, my dear blog. It’s been quite a while. I have missed you! With all the craziness I have endured since the last time we rendezvoused, I am lucky to be breathing. Especially with my sanity and love for life still present. My intense, lucky, and strange tale.

I have loved and despised; been blessed and hated; gained friend and foe alike. Rediscovered faith, hope, spirituality, and knowledge. On the streets penniless, but a millionaire in heart. Just because I’m losing, doesn’t mean I’m lost.

Show stopping epiphanies changed me forever.Struggle made me stronger. Humility made me better. I realized I don’t have to understand all. Some things are not meant to be understood. Merely acknowledge things for what they are, and move forward.

Two of my professors at SF State University made comments that will stick with me forever. Susan lectured, “It doesn’t matter how long and windy the path is; all that matters is that you are on it”. And Dr Ben Zeev said to me; as the only undergrad in the graduate course, “You are a seeker of true knowledge and justice”.

I will always be a little pessimistic, but more realistic. Always smile in the face of adversity. Be grateful for the little things. Forever brutally honest but possess an open mind. I’ll never give up on my dreams.

I’m back on the blog…


Hilarious! Strippers Get Smuggled into Prison!

Strippers smuggled into a Miami jail posing as paralegals  – NY Daily News.

Retired Police Chief Arrested in Full Uniform at Occupy Wall Street

Retired police chief arrested in full uniform at Occupy Wall Street demo after branding fellow officers obnoxious, arrogant and ignorant | Mail Online.

Awesome! Kudos to Captain Ray Lewis in taking the right path, and speaking out against the oppressive, hegemonic regime that parades themselves off as democracy. He was willing to be publicly criticized and arrested for taking just action for humankind. The people are banding together and thinking similarly, they are working as a single entity to carry out what needs to be done. We all have our place in this intricate web of humanity; we are all special in our own way, with unique attributes to offer to society. If we work together, and give, no matter how small the effort, it is not insignificant. There is a snowball effect that will propel other positive events to occur, and more, and more. Please don’t feel like any positive action doesn’t help progression. There are many parts in a revolution the Million Man March wouldn’t have happened without people to make sandwiches and pass them out, such a minuscule, overlooked detail; but hungry people can’t march very easily. It’s time to remember the great revolutionaries, Gandhi, MLK, Marley, Lennon, Mother Teresa, and others like them. We can learn from the past, we are not doomed to repeat it. This patriarchal oligarchy can topple, and the people can take control back, to create a maybe not perfect; but more altruistic, magnanimous world.

Quan adviser Dan Siegel quits over Occupy Oakland

Quan adviser Dan Siegel quits over Occupy Oakland.

Jean Quan, you are obviously doing a pathetic job in controlling your dogs of war. Our constitutional rights are being violated, the People have the right to peacefully assemble. Just another instance of how flawed our entire societal system is. Out with the old. Revolucion!

And the Times, They Are, A Changin’

2012 preview: California & the nation – Michelle Quinn – POLITICO.com.

Maybe we are in for a regime change… I can only hope. It is well past the time that big things should be happening and power struggles toppling. Revolucion!

Occupy Oakland Clashes With OPD- War Veteran Has Skull Fractured From Being Hit by Flash Bang Canister. Sign the Petition to Jean Quan for Justice!!

As if the OPD didn’t already have a bad rep, they have caused a war veteran who was peacefully protesting brain damage. Occupy Oakland, an extension of occupy Wall Street, was hit with tear gas, flashbang canisters, and ultimately, complete disregard to our constitutional right to peacefully protest. This is bullshit! Policy critically needs to change. Attitudes of law enforcement and government need reform. The people are getting sick of oppression and brutality. Enough is enough!!!

Link to the petition to Jean Quan, telling her that peaceful assembly is a constitutional right, and police brutality needs to stop!!


“The Mayor of Oakland — and mayors and city governments across the country — should get on the right side of history and honor all Americans’ freedom to peacefully assemble and to civically engage.Public officials must listen to the grievances of this popular movement. It is absolutely unacceptable to attempt to dissuade civic engagement through the use of brutality, repression and retaliation against movement participants. This is America. All Americans have the freedom to peacefully protest our government. That right defines who we are as a country and a people, and when it is denied, all of America is the poorer for it”.  Leanne Maxwell 

Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen Critically Injured at Occupy Oakland Raid: SFist


Troy Davis Will Be Remembered- Words by Mumia Abu-Jamal

Another innocent black man dies. Almost a million signatures, worldwide outrage and support for the overturning of his conviction, not to mention rampant injustice throughout the “justice” system. The word justice has no meaning in the U.S. There is only privilege and opportunity for the upper echelon. RIP Troy Davis.
“In The Halls of Justice the only justice is in the halls.”- Lenny Bruce

Troy Davis: Movement Lessons

Mumia Abu-Jamal

The state judicial murder of Troy Davis of Georgia showed both the limits and the successes of the anti-death penalty movement.

It seems silly to speak of successes when an innocent man is poisoned to death by judicial decree, but though they were partial, they were successes nonetheless.

To attain the support of people like former U.S. Pres. Jimmy Carter, Pope Benedict XVI, Arch-bishop Desmond Tutu and former FBI director William Sessions was no small feat. It showed the reach of the movement to procure such prestigious support.

The movement was also fueled by such revelations as shown by the recantations of people like Antoine Williams, who was one of the state’s trial witnesses. Williams later stated, “After the officers talked to me, they gave me a statement and told me to sign it. I signed it. I did not read it because I cannot read. I felt pressured to point at him.”

Was there police coercion in the Davis case? The DA certainly thought so, as shown by his remark, “Oh , well, they were probably coerced by the defense too, so that balances it out and we should still kill him.”

Think about that.

What power of coercion does the defense possess? Handcuffs? Threats? Jail cells? Criminal

charges? Death sentences?

That any prosecutor can say something so dopey is – well, – nuts.

The Troy Davis movement amassed almost a million signatures on petitions. Remarkable

But signatures on paper (or online) aren’t people in the streets.

If a million people were on the march, maybe–maybe–he would be alive.


For one of the other limits are those imposed by the law, one designed to lock in and prevent serious judicial review and remedy. Laws signed into the books by none other than the first so- called Black president: William Jefferson Clinton.

Troy Davis’s family and supporters brought much to the anti-death penalty movement. I hope they are not too discouraged to continue the struggle.

In so doing, they can insure that Troy Davis will never be forgotten.

(c) ’11 maj

The Power of Truth is Final — Free Mumia!

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