Save a Fetus! Kill a Living Person! Who’s down with GOP? Sure not me!

These Teabaggers boil my blood. How is it that they want to shut down Planned Parenthood because they “perform the most abortions in the U.S.”, but the GOP has not proposed to cut any money out of national defense? If I’m not mistaken, it trumps the money in PP by billions. Oh, wow, for the 2012 national defense budget, $553 billion for the base budget alone, an increase of $22 billion above the 2010 appropriation. Planned Parenthood-$363.2 million came from tax- payers in the form of government grants and contracts last year. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? 

Here’s some great ideas-
1. Bring the troops home! Or, at least an enormous amount.
2. Stop making nuclear weapons.
3. Stop spending asinine amounts of health budget money on biological warfare research, etc.
4. Lower EVERYONE working in congress’ salaries.
5. Next time, give money to the people, instead of the banks and companies who had a huge hand in this collapsing economy, through negligence and greed.

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