APA Kind of Changes Being Trans-Idenified, But Not Really.

Transvestic fetishism – children, causes, DSM, therapy, person, people, women, health


This is absolutely disgusting the APA is going to perpetuate bias against trans indentified and cross-dressers. What is the problem with people just being who they are, and not stigmatizing them because you can’t wrap them up in a little box with a bow on top? It is no one’s business, nor place to judge something that they obviously don’t understand. The APA is classifying being trans as a paraphilia in the same class as child molesters. What kind of nonsense is that? The country is in turmoil, and if you know anything about social theory, social institutions are about to crack down on freedom of expression, especially sexuality. It is a historic conundrum with the same lame jingle.

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