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Catch a Fire

“An imperious necessity forces me to speak the truth, as I see it, whether the speech please or displease, whether it bring praise or blame. That one loyalty to Truth I must keep stainless, whatever friendships fail me or human ties be broken.”

– Annie Besant, An Autobiography Chapter XIV

She lived an inspiring life; came from poverty, and ascended high above her social constraint. She passionately fought for human rights in the midst of stuffy Victorian suppression. She even went on to become president of the Indian congress; assisting the Indian people in enacting autonomy. I can only try to follow her lead. At the very least, I don’t have to live a passive product of my environment! There is hope for this world.

Stories like hers are the catalyst of the smoldering coals that smoke in my slow-burning heart. I’m stoking the ashes, although the glow is low, it’s definitely there. Catalyzing inferno, annihilate the person I once was. Raging fire, set me ablaze, and like a phoenix, I will rise from the cinders! Reborn as someone socially conscious and ready to put in work on changing the world (no matter how small the positive effect, it’s progress).

An excerpt from her autobiography

“and I ask no other epitaph on my tomb but:


Read more about Annie Besant here:
Pettinger, Tejvan. “Biography of Annie Besant“, Oxford,, 1st Feb. 2011

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