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Quan adviser Dan Siegel quits over Occupy Oakland

Quan adviser Dan Siegel quits over Occupy Oakland.

Jean Quan, you are obviously doing a pathetic job in controlling your dogs of war. Our constitutional rights are being violated, the People have the right to peacefully assemble. Just another instance of how flawed our entire societal system is. Out with the old. Revolucion!


Occupy Oakland Clashes With OPD- War Veteran Has Skull Fractured From Being Hit by Flash Bang Canister. Sign the Petition to Jean Quan for Justice!!

As if the OPD didn’t already have a bad rep, they have caused a war veteran who was peacefully protesting brain damage. Occupy Oakland, an extension of occupy Wall Street, was hit with tear gas, flashbang canisters, and ultimately, complete disregard to our constitutional right to peacefully protest. This is bullshit! Policy critically needs to change. Attitudes of law enforcement and government need reform. The people are getting sick of oppression and brutality. Enough is enough!!!

Link to the petition to Jean Quan, telling her that peaceful assembly is a constitutional right, and police brutality needs to stop!!

“The Mayor of Oakland — and mayors and city governments across the country — should get on the right side of history and honor all Americans’ freedom to peacefully assemble and to civically engage.Public officials must listen to the grievances of this popular movement. It is absolutely unacceptable to attempt to dissuade civic engagement through the use of brutality, repression and retaliation against movement participants. This is America. All Americans have the freedom to peacefully protest our government. That right defines who we are as a country and a people, and when it is denied, all of America is the poorer for it”.  Leanne Maxwell 

Iraq War Veteran Scott Olsen Critically Injured at Occupy Oakland Raid: SFist


California Incumbents Safe no More?

Thanks to a new redistricting process, Howard Berman's seat could be more competitive. | Reuters

California incumbents safe no more? – Alex Isenstadt –


April 13: Day of Action for Students!!!

The CSU (California State University) system faces another $500 million dollar cut from the state budget, which means another $25-$30 million cut at San Francisco State University alone. At this pace, SF State will cease to be the same university with lecturers being laid off, a lot more class sections cut, if not entire programs, with restructuring of the colleges colleges themselves. It’s time that our voices be heard! JOIN US ON APRIL 13 AS STATE UNIVERSITIES ACROSS CALIFORNIA MAKE A STATEMENT.

At San Francisco State University:

MARCH begins at 12:30pm on the corner of 19th Ave and Holloway


Invite all of your friends! We hope to see you all there!!

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