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And the Times, They Are, A Changin’

2012 preview: California & the nation – Michelle Quinn –

Maybe we are in for a regime change… I can only hope. It is well past the time that big things should be happening and power struggles toppling. Revolucion!


Economic Empowerment Week for LGBT Oct. 11-15 in San Francisco

The SF LGBT Center is having their economic empowerment fair, starting October 5th with a pre-job fair expert panel Q&A. October 11th-15th will feature different workshops centered on various aspects of finding a job, such as resume writing and financial counseling; as well as starting your own business and many other positive financial avenues. Get some assistance in these trying times. Thanks, SF LGBT Center! You guys freakin’ rock!

For Those Who Want to Know Info- Random!


Noam Chomsky warns against intervention in Libya

99 Weeks of Problems-Unemployed Get Together to Bring Case to Washington

99 Weeks of Problems.

Colorblinded: A Special Report from The American Prospect



Colorblinded: A Special Report from The American Prospect.

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