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Hilarious! Strippers Get Smuggled into Prison!

Strippers smuggled into a Miami jail posing as paralegals  – NY Daily News.


California Inmate Hunger Strike Against Inhumane Conditions- Sign the Petition!!!

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity | amplifying the voices of CA prisoners on hunger strike

The penal system in California has been long overdue for reform. Prisoners have been denied constitutional rights and have been subjected to dehumanization, abuse, and stigmatized “racial” segregation. We need to work together to rebuild the “justice” system from the ground up- from biased police profiling and brutality, inadequate court processes, and inhumane jails/prisons that vilify as well exacerbate inmates’ problems- instead of using social programs to help the PEOPLE (not assumed criminals) forced to be there.

World’s Dumbest CriminalDon’t Get a Crime Scene Tattooed on Your Chest


RIP David Lewis, Thanks for Trying to Restructure the Obviously Flawed Cali Prison System

Bill Moyers Journal: Remembering Community Leader David Lewis



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