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The APA Is Not Only Bias, But Unpunctual As Well

DSM 5 Keeps Missing Its Deadlines | Psychology Today



The DSM V was scheduled to come out this year. The APA had already put this off for a year from last year. Now, they are saying it will be published in 2013. From what I have read from drafts, there are some pretty outlandish labels from Transvestic Fetishism, to Sensory Processing Disorder. A man who likes to wear women’s clothes is classified as a parapheliac, and is in the same category as pedophiles and zoophiles (people that have romantic relationships with animals). It is time for a REAL revision of the DSM, or to simply leave it in the archaic, stigmatizing past.


The Terms Transgender, GID, and TF Need to be Removed from the DSM!!!!

GID Reform Weblog by Kelley Winters

There is no reason to continuously stigmatize people because they don’t want to conform to archaic, heterosexist, dichotomous, patriarchal paradigms of sex and gender. What someone does with their own body, or doesn’t do with their body; or lives for that matter, is really none of your concern. Yes, I’m talking to you, social hegemonic institutions. And, the ignorant masses that buy into the hullabaloo as well.

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