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Hilarious! Strippers Get Smuggled into Prison!

Strippers smuggled into a Miami jail posing as paralegals  – NY Daily News.


Steal Your Roommate’s Credit Card and Buy A Blow Up Doll. Or Not.

FloriDUH | Sun Sentinel Blogs | Deputies say man used roommate’s card to buy sex toys

Junior, just pay for the damn blow up doll yourself! You know, there are itemized reports with those credit cards! LOL

I Was a Pig in my Past Life

Me in my past life

Video Games Promote Anal Sex and Stealing Credit Cards! Amazing, America!

PORTAL 2: Promoting ANAL SEX and stealing credit cards!!! – The Landover Baptist Church Forum

Woman Draws on Beard for Disguise and Robs Store

Police Hunt ‘Bearded’ Woman Who Robbed Calif. Gas Station


Finally, Someone Else That Can Spell.

funny facebook fails - "Your Just Dumb"
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That Gluteus Maximus Has Me Vasodialated

funny facebook fails - Dr. Mix-A-Lot, PhD
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