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Chaz Bono Goes on Dancing With the Stars and Reps Transgendered People

Chaz Bono: America ‘Really Needs’ Him on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ | Reuters

Blind nationalism and religious zealotry are complete jokes. Get your head out of your ass, small-minded simpletons! What does it matter what someone’s gender preference is? Why is it any of your business? There are more pressing issues you can commit to. Like worrying about the end of the world in 2012. I can only hope that  this “end of the world” signifies an end to this increasing ignorant societal structure. Only then can we move on from pointing fingers and dirt slinging at people who are just trying to live their lives in peace. The gender and sexuality binary needs to be transformed! 


San Francisco DMV Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit with Transgender Woman

San Francisco DMV Settles Civil Rights Lawsuit with Transgender Woman

Sometimes the law IS on the side of the right person. Gender, sexuality, ethnicity have nothing to do with a person’s worth or right to live in peace. We all should be able to live without fear of retribution for being who we are. Just because you don’t understand where someone is coming from, or who they are, doesn’t mean you can’t accept them. Stop trying to categorize, stigmatize, and brutalize. What people do to their own bodies is no one’s business, especially if it helps them be happy. As we all know, happiness is so hard to find. It is not an easy choice for transfolk to make to change their gender. Gender and sexuality are not dichotomous! 

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