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What Exactly Is Going Down With the Red White and Blue.

Osama’s Dead, But Congress Wants a Wider War | Danger Room |


Enough’s enough. We are anti-terrorism-ing our way to poverty, except for the few elite. And with the way the Federal Reserve is running things, the end is imminent. Stop killing young men and women in the name of “liberating” everyone. Stop spending the huge cut of the meager money the working class has at the end of the day. Stop exploiting others in the name of nationalism. Stop stigmatizing Shiite Muslims for their religious preference- THE RADICAL GROUP IS NOT SHIITE! The radical group that houses Muslim extremists is the Sunnis. America, stop being blind, complacent sheep. The truth is before you, drink up.


Urge Obama to Repeal/veto the Patriot Act. Enough is enough!!

Congress soon to reconsider Patriot Act – Inside Bay Area



Most of California’s reps do not agree with the Patriot Act continuing, or being expanded on. Figures Boxer and Feinstein would let more of our constitutional rights be violated in the name of “public safety”. Now that Bin Laden is “dead”, the government can turn inward, and concentrate on harassing Americans, through surveilance and seizure of library records. Library records? What, is some terrorist going to check out the Anarchist Cookbook? It’s time to get rid of the Patriot Act, the NSA, and all the other facades that perpetuate fear and tight control of the American people.

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Call the White House and demand that Obama veto the Patriot Act extensions, as well as the act itself. It is time for that change that he used to talk about. Yes we can!

Free Libya!

Peace in the Middle East

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